Learning By Doing

Dynamic simulations, rated highly by corporate trainers and business school professors, provide the best experiential learning. Our simulations have proven to be valuable in revealing links between strategy, operating decisions and performance outcomes. The simulation will also serve as a practice field for developing skills in observing, assessing and engaging in effective conversations. To get the best hands on management learning experience, business simulations ought to mimic the real world as best as possible. Our simulations are built on dynamic simulation modeling platform capturing non-linear relationships, time delays and causal relationships to realistically evaluate the consequences of team decisions on the business outcomes.

Our Simulations

Recent Work


TechSim has been widely used in many parts of the world in business schools and organizations to give participants a hands-on experience in running a technology company.

Recent Work


Spokes is an exciting simulation that engages the participants in running a bi-cycle manufacturing and marketing company. Spokes enables the facilitator to configure the simulation to best suit their needs.


  • Expert Feedback

    With our SimExpert ™ feature, you can effortlessly help participants get clarifications on the simulation results.

  • Chat tool

    Chat Tool helps better communication within team members and also between facilitators and participants.

  • Mini Cases and Events

    Powerful mini-case feature lets you add custom cases for your participants. The mini cases will be seamlessly integrated with the simulation flow.

  • Debrief Presentation

    After each round a PowerPoint deck with all relevant information from that round will be available for debrief.

  • Participant UI

    Creative design and latest UI technology combines to give a simple UI that lets participants spend more time on strategy than figuring out the simulation UI.

  • Automatic Sim Scheduler

    Simulation will be automatically advanced to next round at pre-scheduled times.

  • Business School

    Universities have used our simulations for business acumen and capstone courses. Participants from may companies have gained new understanding of various business linkages that drive business outcomes.

  • Corporate Executive Training

    Our simulations were used during executive retreats and management meetings to bring managers to have intense experience of runnning the company under current business circumstance. Executives gained common understanding on the strategic levers and performance outcomes.

  • Training Companies

    We enable executive training companies with capabilities to use simulation as a hands on learning tool for their participants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Signup for a simulation and follow the flow. In few easy steps you can add participants and send email invites to them. Instructor resource area has information to help you introduce the simulation to your class and how to conduct the sim. People who are invited to participate will get a seperate login to access the simulation. Participants will get simple guidance on how to use the simulation. With little planning, you can incorporate ExecSims into your course very easily. If you need further assistance, please contact us and our inhouse expert business school professors will assist you.
Yes. When you signup for the course, you can choose the “Participants Pay” option. When you add participants to the simulation, email invitations will be sent to the participants. Participants will get access to the simulation after making the payment.
Yes. We have facilitated simulation events of many leading companies over several years. Each simulation event has a central theme and specific learning objectives. Our team would design the event around that theme and learning objectives. Out experts will conduct the event in your location. Contact us with your requirement to get a consultation on how to setup the event for effective learning.

About us

For over two decades, we have been helping organizations in oil & gas, high-tech, pharmaceuticals, software, health care and strategy consulting industry as well as business schools, government, and non-profit sector to utilize the power of simulations for:
Scenario Analysis And Strategic Planning
Executive Education - Management Flight Simulators
Options Analysis

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